A few years ago I became frustrated with the lack performance-oriented motor mounts for anything that wasn't a 5.0 Mustang. Being into the Ford 2.3 turbocharged motors at the time I started there and developed my first set of mounts for my '84 Cougar XR-7 turbo. It took a little while for the rest of the 2.3T community to find out about them (2-3 years), but since then I have improved the design and expanded my application offerings.

I get asked a lot about why I don't do anything for 5.0 Mustangs as I could sell a lot of them. My response to that is simple. That application is WELL covered and why would I even want to bother? I prefer to offer solutions for the niche or forgotten engines and platforms. To that end I have an odd and expanding mix of applications.

A little bit about the design of the mounts. All types are constructed of laser cut cold-rolled steel and hand-welded. They are finished in a either a powder-coated or zinc-chromate plated finish. The bushings come from my own molds and are offered in 2 different durometers. The ancillary bushing hardware is made from 304 stainless steel. Mount kits come complete and ready to install with all hardware (standard grade 8 or metric 10.9) and installation instructions.

Type 1 Install Instructions

1979-1993 Mustangs and Capris w/ 2.3T
1984-1986 SVO
1983-1985 Thunderbird TurboCoupes w/ 2.3T
1984-1985 Cougar XR-7 w/ 2.3T
Other "Fox" platforms (Including Fairmonts, Zephyrs and others)

Type 2 Install Instructions

1986-1988 Thunderbird TurboCoupes w/ 2.3T
1986 Cougar XR-7 w/ 2.3T

Type 4 Install Instructions

1985-1989 Merkur XR4Ti w/ 2.3T
1988-1989 Merkur Scorpio w/ 2.3T

Type 4.5 (Trans mount) Install Instructions

Merkur XR4Ti and Scorpio 2WD (as well as other applications)
with the stock transmission (T9, C3, A4LD)

Type 5 Install Instructions

1988-89 Merkur Scorpio w/ 12V 2.9 V6
(Euro) 85+ Ford Sierra/Sapphire w/ 12V 2.9 V8 and Mk3 Granada Cosworth w/ 24V V6

Type 6 Install Instructions

1986-1997 Thunderbird and Cougar w/ 5.0

Type 7 Install Instructions

1983-85 Ford Sierra (Mk 1) (Euro) w/ 12V 2.8/2.9 V6 RWD
1983+ Ford Sierra (Mk 1&2) (Euro) w/ 12V 2.8/2.9 V6 4x4
Ford Sierra/Sapphire Cosworth 4x4
Mk 1 Ford Sierra (Euro) w/ 2.0 "Pinto" RWD

Type 8 Install Instructions

1989-1997 Thunderbird and Cougar w/ SC 3.8
(will fit 1986-97 NA 3.8 as well)

Type 9 Install Instructions

1989-1997 Thunderbird and Cougar w/ 4.6 V8
93-98 Lincoln Mk 8 w/ 4.6L
(will fit all 4.6 blocks)

Type 10

Ford Sierra/Sapphire Cosworth 2WD

Type 11

Ford Sierra/Sapphire 2WD w/ 2.0L Twin Cam (Twinky)


  • Type 4.5 - $50
  • Type 7 - $100
  • All Other Types - $165

Shipping (In Lower 48 states) - $10 (Please contact me for shipping pricing outside the US)

Contact me regarding availability and any other questions. I am running various batches all the time, and I usually have some of each type on hand, but it's best to get in touch to see what is currently available.

CONTACT: cwarren@indy.net